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What Customers Are Saying About Wayne's Lawn Service in Louisville, KY

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The manicured look of our property improved right away when we finally decided to spend the money to hire a first rate commercial lawn care service like Wayne's. Everyone notices how much better the property looks: the renters, the owners, the volunteer board of directors and our neighbors. Thanks to the committed workers and diligent management at Wayne's Lawn Service, we've entered a new era of excellence in grounds keeping.

- Patrick H., Seneca Park Condo Assoc. 2006

Thanks for the excellent service since 1993. Our property is always in first class shape. Your service is tops!


This is our 19th year with Wayne's Lawn Service and we are looking forward to another season of your professional service. Thanks!

- Mrs. Scholla

You do a great job on our yard. Your "crew" is appreciated too.

- Mrs. Brumagen

Service is excellent and the extra cost is well worth the cost!

- Mrs. Carr

Thank you for your service and getting to us so quickly!

- Mrs. Collier, client since 2001

"They were very quick to respond, and got me on the schedule for aeration and overseeding the same week. Very friendly and willing to answer my questions. Decided to start the fertilizer and weed control program as well."
- Chad W.

"Very personable and friendly staff. My yard looked awesome after just one year of having them spray. That is saying Alot seeing as how it was covered in weeds the year before. Also anytime I needed to talk to someone, I got a call back within minutes. Great place to do business. I highly recommend them."
- Timmy H.

"I have a small patio attached to my town home that I called in to have a landscape installed. Wayne's Lawn Service's crew was timely, efficient, and friendly during the installation. It looks GREAT and I cannot wait to enjoy my patio during the summer and fall now that I have a beautiful landscape to enjoy."
Katie V.

"Great group who stand behind their work and will go the extra mile. Kyle and his team I highly recommend. Great Work"
- Joe B.